Privacy Policy

What Do We Collect and Why?

  • Some logs are automatically generated by the server, including your IP address, which URLs you access, amount of data transferred, user agent string. We do not use this data, but our web host might in accordance with DreamHost's privacy policy.
  • If you bought a game from us directly in the past, we recorded your name, email address, IP address, what game you purchased, the purchase price, and when. This is used to track sales, contact you about free updates, and authorize downloads. We also track how many times you download the game, so we can see how many people are still downloading the game from us directly.
  • If you send us a message through a contact or feedback form, the contents of the form are sent to us as e-mail so we can read your message.

We do not share any of this data with third parties.

How Do I Delete This Data?

If you would like us to remove your purchase, message, and/or download records, please contact us and we will manually delete the data.